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Jimmie Dale Gilmore
One Endless Night
Windcharger Music

This distinctive west Texas bard brings a modern coolness to his timeless country songs. His mournful, soulful vocals, quiet intellect, plaintive lyrics and warm, sparse acoustic guitar accompaniment evoke the desolate spirit of the untamed western valleys. Despite six albums and unfailing critical approval, Gilmore has consistently kept himself removed from the national spotlight and rarely strays far from his Texas roots. On this latest collection, the humble storyteller borrows from others, interpreting songs by Butch Hancock, Townes Van Zandt, Willis Alan Ramsey, Walter Hyatt, John Hiatt and Jesse Winchester (as well as the Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter song "Ripple" and the Brecht/Weill classic "Mack the Knife"), making them his own. He also includes two original songs: "One Endless Night," which features Emmylou Harris on vocals, and "Blue Shadows," which was co-written by Hal Ketchum. Gilmore's subtle blending of folk, blues, country and rock is about as honest as music can be. (Sarah Quelland)

Ghostlike Sun
Human Satellite
Pastel Euphoric Music

This highly polished Bay Area fourpiece shines brightly. Not one to follow trends, Ghostlike Sun creates artistic contemporary rock with a gleaming edge. Balanced by the sweetly exquisite vocals of the classically trained Tami Plescher and the rich masculine vocals of lyricist Ed Havel, the songs are both tasteful and luxurious. While "Negative Girl" showcases Plescher's tremendous range and ability, Havel's "Friend?" delivers a fierce kick that detours into the same territory as such heavy bands as the Cult ("She's just a flower in the weeds/You're like a demon in the seed.") Though its sound could be considered slightly pretentious, Ghostlike Sun follows its own musical aesthetic full of creativity, passion and poetry. (SQ)

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