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Club Gonzo

[whitespace] The players and pols
backing Ron Gonzales

Mike Fox Sr

Mike Fox Sr.
Beer distributor and philanthropist

Fox, one of the most prolific campaign donors in the South Bay and a member of Gonzales' fundraising committee, worked with Gonzales on the ballpark measure in 1992. Fox is a key player in the current effort to lure the A's to the South Bay.

John Neece
Director, Building & Construction Trades

The construction union chief is perhaps Gonzales' most unwavering labor supporter. He unsuccessfully lobbied the San Jose City Council six years ago to grease construction for single-family homes in Coyote Valley.

Susan Hammer

Susan Hammer
San Jose mayor

After her protégé, Margie Fernandes, dropped from the race, Hammer quickly got behind Gonzales. He's responded by backing the mayor's positions on the proposed Town & Country project and restricting development in the Coyote and Almaden valleys.

John Vidovich
Developer and owner of De Anza Properties

Gonzales met Vidovich during his Sunnyvale days, when the developer came to the city with various development proposals. As a county supervisor, Gonzales appointed Vidovich to the county planning commission in 1990. To date, the Vidovich family has donated $3,500 to Gonzales' mayoral campaign.

Larry Stone

Larry Stone
Tax assessor

Another friend from Gonzales' Sunnyvale days, the two met in 1975 when Stone first ran for the Sunnyvale City Council. According to Stone, "[Gonzales] is a minority candidate for mayor that the business sector trusts. They don't believe he's the stereotypical minority politician that's going to get elected and take the city checkbook to the barrio."

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson
Ex-county supervisor and lobbyist

She worked with Gonzales her final two years on the board. Splits her time between volunteer stints with the YWCA and the United Way and lobbying for developers like Lee Brandenburg.

Other important supporters: The California League of Conservation Voters, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and six returning council members.

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From the May 7-13, 1998 issue of Metro.

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