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Britney Spears (6/02)

Compaq Center

525 W Santa Clara St., San Jose; 408.287.7070; www.sj-arena.com

Tickets: Ticketmaster, 408.998.TIXS

Don't Miss: Britney Spears

Comments: Justin Timberlake's famous ex, Britney Spears, brings her two-hour cavalcade of pop overkill to the Shark Tank. And talk about a bump up; Nikka Costa goes from playing the Usual three months ago to opening for the pop princess. Paquita La Del Barrio is the Queen of Ranchera, fellow artist Pepe Aguilar began performing at age 3 (take that, Britney) and Down From the Mountain--the O Brother, Where Art Thou?--scooped up Grammy after Grammy. As for Tha Bomb 2002, the Compaq Center is the perfect place for P. Diddy-- it's the only venue big enough to hold his ego.

SPF: 3 (It's indoors, but you might need some screen for all of Britney's flashpots.)

Paquita La Del Barrio and Lupita Daleisio 6/1

Britney Spears 6/2

Wild 94.9 presents Tha Bomb 2002 w/ Ja Rule, P. Diddy, Naughty by Nature, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Ashanti, Amanda Perez, Truth Hurts, Khia and Fat Joe 6/5

Down From the Mountain 7/30

Pepe Aguilar 8/31

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From the May 9-15, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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