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[whitespace] Joshua Redman
Joshua Redman (9/20)

Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey Fairgrounds, Monterey; 925.275.9255; www.montereyjazzfestival.org

Dates: Sept. 20-22

Tickets: Through the website or by phone

Don't miss: Joshua Redman (especially since he's playing with his new organ trio combo and doubly so because of drum wizard Brian Blade), the Heath Brothers, Dave Brubeck Quartet with Roy Hargrove

Comments: The granddaddy of jazz festivals, the Monterey Jazz Festival is a welcoming institution that currently offers old favorites in new settings and newcomers in hallowed venues. Heath brothers Tootie (drums) Percy (bass) and Jimmy (tenor saxophone) are reportedly as warm personally as they are empathetic musically, both among themselves and in the company of others. Famously self-effacing pianist/composer octogenarian Dave Brubeck is a jazz ambassador and legend; 32-year old Texas native Hargrove is a fiery player and has recorded a couple of times with Brubeck, so his playing with the pianist's quartet should be a highlight.

SPF Factor: 10

Joshua Redman, Don Byron, Roy Hargrove, many more 9/20

Etta James, Marcia Ball, Big Time Sarah, Heath Brothers, Charlie Haden, Mingus Big Band 9/21

Nancy Wilson and Ramsey Lewis, MJF High School All Star Big Band with the Heath Brothers, Dave Brubeck Quartet w/ Roy Hargrove, Christian McBride, Lizz Wright, hosted by Clint Eastwood, Randy Weston Sextet 9/22

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From the May 9-15, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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