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The Pat Pack

[whitespace] Who's backing candidate Patricia Dando and why

Enide Allison

Enide Allison
CEO, Oak Tree Mazda

Allison took over her husband's Mazda dealership on Stevens Creek after his death in 1979 and proceeded to sell more Mazdas than any other dealership in the nation. As she's a prolific volunteer and philanthropist, her endorsement lends crediblity to any candidate or cause. A moderate Republican, she walked out of the San Diego convention to protest the party's anti-abortion plank.

Tommy Fulcher

Tommy Fulcher Jr.
President, Economic and Social Opportunities Inc.

He runs the largest social services agency in the county and is a ex-officio board member of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce and Joint Venture: Silicon Valley. Though Fulcher's a Democrat, he and Dando opponent Ron Gonzales learned to dislike each other when Gonzales was a county supervisor.

Tom McEnery

Tom McEnery
Former mayor, radio talk show host

Dando got her start in politics working for McEnery in his first campaign in 1982. She later served as an aide in his office and then as an aide to McEnery pal and Redevelopment Director Frank Taylor. Though Dando has his endorsement, McEnery waited until mid-December to give it to her as he mulled over a run for his old job. Given that he is Dando's highest-profile supporter, the race will test McEnery's continuing influence in San Jose politics.

David Pandori

David Pandori
District 3 councilman

Pandori and Dando worked together as policy aides in McEnery's office. Together again on the council, they formed, at times, an alliance of dissent, publicly questioning a council more accustomed to consensus politics. Unfortunately for Dando, Pandori is termed out and won't be on the council if she's elected. But his support as the council's most irascible member has some appeal to downtown voters.

Murphy Sabatino

Murphy Sabatino
Political activist

Sabatino's support gives Dando credibility among fiscal conservatives. He's a former president of the Santa Clara County Taxpayers Association and led the fight to restrict San Jose councilmembers to two four-year terms. He's a member of the committee to save the Fox Theater and headed the signature drive to put the idea of moving City Hall to the voters.

Jim Tomaino
President, San Jose Police Officers' Association

When Pat Dando came on the council in 1995, she made the cops happy by forcing the council's hand in hiring 123 new officers. Now, the department is facing the retirement of at least 80 baby-boomers in the coming years. Dando has made this a campaign issue, promising to keep the department staffed.

Peter Wilkes

Rev. Peter Wilkes
Pastor, South Hills Community Church

Like McEnery, another wild card in Dando's deck. Dando describes him as "a friend," but will the leader of Silicon Valley's Christian Right get out the vote for a pro-choice candidate? Wilkes didn't return calls. Wilkes rallies opposition to same-sex marriage and spoke out against the domestic partners registry.

Other supporters: Bill Del Biaggio Jr., U.S. Rep.Tom Campbell, Sheriff Chuck Gillingham, Peggy Fleming and the San Jose Firefighters Local 230.

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From the May 14-20, 1998 issue of Metro.

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