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Pasand Fancies

Christopher Gardner

Subcontinental Dining: Pasand offers a plush setting for its dishes.

Indian restaurant pleases vegetable-loving palates

By Judi Blackwell

PASAND DARES TO BE DIFFERENT, not only by offering Southern Indian specialties (lentil crepes, uttapam and sambar soup) but also by its serious commitment to quality. Moderately priced and generously portioned, Pasand's dishes range from the ordinary vegetable biriyani (spicy basmati rice combined with bite-sized vegetables in a koorma curry sauce) to a stinging chana masala (spicy garbanzo beans and tomatoes in a red sauce). Cold Indian brews--Taj Mahal ($4) and King Fisher ($2.50)--are available to accompany some of the tastiest vegetarian exotica in the valley.

Pasand's puffed-to-perfection nan bread and golden-fried samosas and pakoras come to life when dipped in either hot tomato or mild coconut sauces. With a special focus on curry dinners, Pasand offers eight vegetarian entrees--vegetable koorma, dahl curry, aloo gobi (a spicy one, so watch out), potato sabji and a palak mutter paneer, among others.

Loaded with cauliflower and peas and an abundance of yogurt sauce, the vegetable koorma curry is another hot one and one of Pasand patrons' favorites. The complete Thali dinners include sambar (thick lentil vegetable soup), two pooris (sweet puffy bread), yogurt with vegetables, and rice pilaf ($8.25-$9.75). Several bargain-price lunch and daily specials are also offered throughout the week. The rich and complicated tastes offered at Pasand, along with its hearty portions, are enough to satisfy the largest appetite.

One click of a Web browser to Pasand India Online allows online exploration of Pasand. Indian-food fans can check out the latest menu and even order cuisine for takeout right over the Internet. Pasand is located at 3701 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 408/241-5150. Open daily, 11:30am-10pm.

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From the May 23-29, 1996 issue of Metro

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