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Local bands contribute to the new avant-rock compilation

By Sarah Quelland

STREETLIGHT RECORDS recently released its latest compilation, Support Your Local Musician, featuring independent bands from San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. The disc offers tracks from 20 bands, and styles range from bizarre noise pop to mood rock to punk and indie gems. Most of it's pretty experimental and esoteric stuff that would have been perfect for Christian Slater's Pump Up the Volume character Hard Harry Hard-On's pirate radio station. Bands include Deerhoof, Spike and Princess, the Contrail, Fixture, Bunkbed, Lowdown, Glistzen, Robotgod, American Waste, Comets on Fire, Geezer, the Vex, the What Four?, Slippy and Badgerlore. Highlights include Xiu Xiu's "Poe Poe," Sloe's "One for the Committee," the Foibles' "Modern American Scenes for Student Actors," the ukulele-based Oliver Brown Trio's "Peanut Butter Sandwich" and my favorite, Sin in Space's "Hellfire." Sin in Space just released its new album, Asteroid Band, last Friday (May 18) at the new Cayuga Vault in Santa Cruz. Sin in Space will also participate in the afternoon concert to celebrate the release of this new collection from Streetlight on June 16 at the Cactus Club with the What Four?, Xiu Xiu and others.

Careworn was supposed to release its new disc last Saturday (May 19) at the Cactus, but due to some changes within the band, it didn't have any discs to sell. Stitch had to cancel, and 40 Grit made an unexpected appearance. 209, San Resina and Breach rounded out the lineup.

The Gaslighter Theater in Campbell has rock shows all weekend. On Friday (May 25), Divinity, Hidden Pocket, Red Asphalt and the Superchannel are playing. Downside has a showcase on Saturday (May 26). And the Girls Rock! showcase will be held Sunday (May 27) with Hope Child, Beth Waters Band, Tiny G, Rogue Star and Daisy Head. All shows are all-ages and start at 8pm.

The Los Gatos Outhouse is gearing up for the summer and many of the shows originally scheduled for the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale have been relocated to the all-ages venue. The season kicks off June 2 with KSCU's listener-appreciation party featuring Oranger, the Orange Peels, Bunkbed, the Eyeliners, the Contrail, the Specs and Brandt Shandera. The following night (June 3), Luckie Strike, Lawrence Arms, the Ghost (featuring former members of the Wunder Years), Cadillac Blindside and Short Round will perform. Shows run $5-$6 and start at 7pm. Visit www.LGOuthouse.com or call 408.395.5553 for more information.

Zero magazine has just announced the San Jose Punk Legends show, which will be held July 14 at the Usual. All-original lineups of the Faction (featuring Steve Caballero, Russ Wright, Gavin O'Brien, Ray Stevens and Keith Rendon), Los Olvidados and Ribzy will perform, with favorites the Forgotten opening. Tickets are $10 and on sale now.

There's a new dance club in Sunnyvale. The Forum Nightclub (146 S. Murphy Ave.) celebrates its grand opening this Friday (May 25) with Christopher Lawrence, David Garcia, Norm Stradley, Demilo and Armann the Brain Child and continues on Saturday (May 26) with DJ B.B. Hayes. The club is 21+, and doors open at 9pm.

PLAN AHEAD: The Movies and others, May 24 at the Lido; Triplex, May 24 at the Usual; Diamond Galaxy, Hazardous Dukes, Glyptic and Too Loose, May 24 at the Cactus Club; Movement, Downside, Motiv, Candy Farm and Local Oddity, May 25 at the Cactus; Outtaline, Tsunami Bomb, Short Round, Shut Up Donny and Burnside, May 26 at the Santa Clara Basement at Santa Clara University; Tribute to the Tributes, May 26 at the Usual; BL'AST, Curbside, the Secrets, Zero Bullshit, the Cliftons and East Bay Chasers, May 26 at the Cactus; Impaled and Ragweed, May 27 at the Cactus; Frank Emilio Flynn, May 30 at the Icon Supperclub; Swarm, Storm Inc. and others, June 1 at the Pound in San Francisco; M.I.R.V., Salmon, Luxt and Soul Circle; June 1 at the Cactus; the Skirts CD release, June 2 at the Cactus; Ozomatli, June 13 at the Icon; Lonely Kings, Sloe, Loadstar and Longshot, June 14 at the Catalyst; Mix Master Mike, June 14 at the Usual; BFD, June 15 at Shoreline.

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From the May 24-30, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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