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[whitespace] UC-Santa Cruz may lease old Blackford High School site

Campbell--The Campbell Union High School District has put the public bidding for Blackford High School on hold until September, because UC-Santa Cruz has expressed interest in leasing the school.

"We're optimistic," said Pat Gaffney, assistant superintendent of business. "It's a good opportunity for the student community and the teaching staff at large."

Gaffney said the creation of a UC extension campus at Blackford would open up job opportunities for staff.

Blackford operates as an alternative school, serving 250 to 300 students, but the school is also being leased by a catering company, a Chinese church and a sports center.

The school, at 3800 Blackford Ave. in San Jose, is comprised of 44 acres, 117,000 square feet of which is building space.

Renovations are planned for the school and include new roofs, a renovated pool, upgraded wiring in 28 classrooms for data and telecommunications systems, new exterior paint, new heating units for each classroom and two new bathrooms.
Erin Mayes

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Web extra to the May 24-30, 2001 issue of Metro.

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