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[whitespace] CCS seeks applications for low-income apartments

Cupertino--Thanks to Cupertino Community Services, many prospective buyers and renters can stake a realistic claim on many pricey and exclusive apartments in Cupertino. Through a program set to screen applicants and help them find below-market rate housing, the City of Cupertino-commissioned CCS has recently announced it is still accepting applications for vacancies at the Arioso apartments.

In addition to the Hamptons and Chateau--two apartment complexes CCS currently manages--the newest one under construction is Arioso, located off Wolfe Road on Pruneridge Avenue. Described as "state of the art apartments for the 21st century," Arioso has three plans for one bedrooms ranging from 534 square feet to 829 square feet. Many units include a washer and dryer, entertainment niches, home office work stations and are all pre-wired for multiple phone lines, Internet access and DIRECTV.

The current BMR rate for a one bedroom starts anywhere from $700-950 per month; market value places the same unit between $1,350-1,875. For those considering two bedroom units, BMR prices are set at $850-1,100 per month, while the asking price at market value for an 1,194 sq. foot is $2,350-2,400 and $2,375-2,425 for a 1,237 square-foot unit.

Under city law, new residential constructions are required to allot 10 percent of the total number of apartments to BMR applicants, pending certain criteria. Individuals must meet a minimum six-month residency in Cupertino, be working in Cupertino and have immediate family living in Cupertino. There are currently 20 units still available at Arioso from now until August.

In addition to the three criteria, applicants must meet maximum income guidelines for rental units. Based on these figures, rates are then fixed according to household size and number of bedrooms. In Santa Clara County, very low income begins at $28,900 for one person, while low income represents $37,200. Low income residents pay $950 for monthly rent while very low income residents can qualify for $700.

Interested parties can obtain applications and make appointments directly with CCS Program Coordinator Carolyn Kiely by calling 255-8033. If the units become occupied, applicants are encouraged to put their names on waiting lists at the Hamptons and Chateau, a senior citizen apartment complex. CCS's hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

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Web extra to the May 27-June 2, 1999 issue of Metro.

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