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Bach Again

[whitespace] Sebastian Bach returns with solo CD

By Sarah Quelland

I BROKE DOWN and did something music writers rarely do--I bought a CD. After hearing Sebastian Bach on KSJO a few weeks back, I had to check out the new album, Bring 'Em Bach Alive! (Atlantic), which is, unfortunately, available only through Amazon.com with a hefty import price tag. Even so, it's probably worth the price for any die-hard Skid Row or Bach fans. On Bring 'Em Back Alive, his debut recording after the dissolution of Skid Row, Bach is working with Jimmy Flemion, Richie Scarlet, "Larry" and Mark "BAMBAM" McConnell. Featuring memorable Skid Row tunes (tell me you don't get misty when "I Remember You" comes on the radio), the disc boasts four new tracks by Bach, a reworked version of "Monkey Business," which segues into a song titled "Godzilla," and a cleaned-up version of the controversial "Get the Fuck Out." Though the bulk of the album was recorded live in Tokyo, the new songs are all studio cuts. Of the four, the heavy "Done Bleeding" and the beautifully wistful "The Most Powerful Man in the World" are the most compelling, and Bach's distinctive voice never fails to appeal.

Since releasing its first album on the Aware/Columbia Records label in February 1998, San Francisco-based Train has been picking up steam. The band's first single, "Free," was featured on Party of Five, and model/actress Rebecca Gayheart (also known as the Noxema Girl) appears in the video for its second single, "Meet Virginia." The video was directed by Luke Scott (son of famed director Ridley Scott), who has worked with Deana Carter and Imogen Heap.

Hope Child, which performed last Sunday (May 30) with Kao Tao and Red Shift at the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell, is one of the finalists in the Lilith Fair Acoustic Talent Search. That night was Red Shift's final show. ... After wowing the audience at the Usual May 18, the band formerly known as Spoonfed, featuring former members of Cafe of Regret, has changed its name to UNSUN. Look for upcoming shows under the new moniker.

Dredg, Laughing Rocks, Trapt, School-Yard Heroes, Jonah, 30 Second Fury and the Erica Higgins Band are scheduled to participate in a Kosovo benefit concert organized by the Los Gatos High School Student Council. The event takes place June 5, noon-4pm on the front lawn of the high school. ComedySportz is also taking part, and local restaurants are donating food for students to sell. Admission is free, and the show is all ages (activities for younger kids include face painting and a balloon man). Donations for relief will gladly be accepted at the donation stations, and the high school will send all money collected to the organization it feels is most directly assisting the refugees. Possibilities include the American Red Cross and C.A.R.E.

PLAN AHEAD: Salmon, Videodrone and Swarm, June 3 at the Edge in Palo Alto; Leisure, June 3 at the Cactus Club; Asylum Street Spankers, June 3 at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz; Groovie Ghoulies, June 4 at Cactus; Chicken Coupe DeVille, June 5 at Agenda Lounge; the Brownies and Neosoreskin, June 5 at Cactus; Stunt Monkey, June 5 at the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale; the Chums, June 5 at Blake's in Berkeley; Guinness Fleadh, June 5 at the Polo Field at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco; the End with Bindlestiffs, June 8, the Usual; Noel Redding (of the Jimi Hendrix Experience), June 9 at Cactus; Mary Chapin Carpenter, June 9-10 at the Garden Theatre at Villa Montalvo; the Donnas and the Groovie Ghoulies, June 10 at Bimbo's in San Francisco.

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From the June 3-9, 1999 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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