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KOME--As Years Go By

[whitespace] KOME

February 1971: KOME starts as free-format radio station.

Spring 1973: Infinity Broadcasting Corp. buys KOME for $400,000 and positions KOME as a rock station.

August 1977: Mikel Herrington becomes program director and that year hires Dennis Erectus right out of college.

1982: Infinity brings in consultants and Herrington bolts for Los Angeles.

1983: KOME goes metal for one year until Program Director Les Tracy is fired.

July 1984: Infinity principal Dan Tapson leaves after 12 years. Jim Hardy takes over.

1993: KOME picks up Howard Stern radio show in evening slot.


May 1994: KOME switches format to alternative rock.

November 1995: Westinghouse Electric Corp. acquires CBS Inc. for $5.4 billion, creating largest TV and radio station group.

February 1996: Congress passes Telecommunications Act, permitting expansion of TV and radio station holdings.

March 1996: FCC revises rules on local radio ownership.

December 1996: Westinghouse Electric Corp. acquires Infinity Broadcasting Group for $4.9 billion, 79 radio stations in 17 markets.

March 1997: American Radio Systems acquires KEZR-FM for $24 million.

September 1997: Westinghouse buys American Radio Systems' 98 stations, including KSJO, KBAY and KEZR, for $2.6 billion, bringing its total up to 175 radio stations.

October 1997: Kentucky-based Jacor Communications buys KSJO from American Radio Systems for $30 million.

December 1997: Westinghouse Electric Corporation changes its name to CBS Corp.

May 1998: KOME lays off most of its staff, and management takes over KITS. Jacor announces that it is buying KOME's signal from CBS.

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From the June 4-10, 1998 issue of Metro.

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