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Telecommunications Online


KOME: A brief statement of the situation.

Live 105: The new schedule and playlists.

Westinghouse's SEC 10-K Annual Report filing (1012536 Bytes download).

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) advocacy organization: 1995 article critical of Westinghouse's purchase of CBS.

Telecommunications Act of 1996: The entire text on the FCC web site.

Telecommunications Act of 1996: Section 202 regarding broadcast ownership.

Remarks by President Clinton in signing the Telecommunications Act: Available in text format or Real Audio.

FCC revises rules on local radio ownership.

Eli M. Noam: Article on media concentration in the United States.

Consumer Project on Technology: A collection of articles on media concentration.

The Real News Page: A critique of commercial media and call for media reform.

The Real News Page: A few words with media critic Ben Bagdikian.

Common Cause Report: About the broadcast lobby and the $70-billion free ride.

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From the June 4-10, 1998 issue of Metro.

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