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Overly Greasy Spoon:
Bob's Surf 'N Turf, 2400 Monterey Road,San Jose

By Will Harper

SANTA CLARA COUNTY Fair-goers who chowed down at this nearby greasy spoon last month may have had second thoughts about their dining choice had they seen some of the restaurant's inspection results from earlier this year.

During his Jan. 20 visit, for instance, environmental health inspector Chris Card found baby and adult cockroaches scurrying about and insects floating in bottles of Bacardi Dark, Bacardi 151, Korbel Brandy and AR Morrow Brandy. By the by, those bar items were mercifully destroyed. Card concluded, "Facility found to be in a complete state of disrepair."

After Card finished his inspection, owner Bob Povey agreed to close the place down for three days "for major cleaning and sanitizing."

Even after re-opening, vermin still plagued Bob's. Following a complaint, on a March 7 surprise inspection Card lamented, "Facility still has a heavy insect & rodent infestation. Three live adult roaches were observed in the 3 door reach-in refrigerator. Rodent droppings were observed on top of the dishwasher."

The following month, Card checked out another complaint by a customer who claimed to have seen rat turds on a table, but the inspector found no evidence of that.

But just two weeks ago, health officials got another complaint: this time a customer allegedly found a cockroach in an ice cube. Card, who must be a familar face at Bob's by now, wound up seeing "several" dead adult roaches on the floor under the sink.

Feeling a little more daring, on May 26 the environmental health department sent owner Bob Povey a notice to appear for "an informal office hearing," where officials will "discuss the serious nature of the violations." In other words, they plan to give Povey a verbal lashing for not keeping his restaurant clean and vermin-free.

Povey did not respond to messages left for him by Metro at his restaurant.

OK, now that we have dispensed with Bob's rat sheet, what about the food and ambiance of the place?

Bob's, which opened in 1983, has what realtors would euphemistically describe as a "rustic" feel. The carpet is worn, the chairs have tears in the upholstery, and the walls are faux wood. I decided to eschew the turf and go surf by ordering poached salmon with salad and rice. I found no insects floating in my 7-Up. The salmon, which came with a side of tartar sauce, was tender and tasty. Not exactly gourmet, but great for the price ($8.95). The butter-laden garlic bread was tasty, but could have used more spice.

RATING: 2.5 forks

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From the June 8-14, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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