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Cheap Eats


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San Jose Bar and Grill
85 S. Second St., San Jose
4pm-2am Mon-Fri, 6pm-2am Sat-Sun

NOT MANY PEOPLE would call $10 for a hamburger "Cheap Eats"--but hear me out. When the half-pound sirloin sawbuck first arrives at your table, it deceives you. Sandwiched in a toasted potato bun with healthy slices of red onion, tomato and lettuce, the uncompromising burger gives no inch. Factor in a huge portion of fries and you may have to loosen your belt a few notches after wolfing the whole thing down.

On Wednesdays, SJBG offers $1 cans of Hamm's all night long, which balances out the cost of the hamburger somewhat. That's right: five cans of Hamm's along with a mammoth barbecue western bacon cheeseburger totals out at $15. There's nothing like increasing one's celebrity status in "The Place to See & Be Seen in Downtown San Jose" with a loosened belt and a can of Hamm's in each hand. Not an aluminum can man? No problem. The bartender will gladly pour the Hamm's into a pint glass and toss in a lime. No charge for that.

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From the June 12-18, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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