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Silicon Valley Bars, Clubs,
Coffeehouses, Etc.

Photos by Christopher Gardner

Double Your Pleasure: Bartender Raymond Zaragoza of Johnny Z's tempts customers with a fine cigar and a martini.

This year's survey--our 11th--of bars, clubs, coffeehouses, billiard parlors, microbreweries and wineries in the Santa Clara Valley is Metro's most exhaustive yet.

The listings are divided into categories; clubs that cross entertainment genres have been placed under the heading that best represents their weekend fare. Some clubs that opened after last year's issue appeared have been highlighted in the articles below. The few places we didn't visit in person in the past month were interrogated at length by our crack researchers. We tried to make the list inclusive, but we know it is not definitive. If we missed your favorite haunt, please give a holler--we'll catch up to it in a future issue.

Frou-Frou Follies: What's in and what's out in silly sounding drink concoctions.

Chai Time: Not quite tea and definitely not coffee, this exotic beverage is steaming up local cafes.

Ssssmokin': Cigars aren't just for the gents anymore.

The Complete Listings
By Category (the complete list)
By City

New Clubs in Town
Agenda Lounge
Blue Rock Shoot
Camera Cafe
Club Ibex
Club Miami
Gaslighter Music Hall
Johnny Z's
Kismet the Gallery
Mission Ale House
Mountain View Pub
Quarter Note
Sirens Cafe
The Usual

Staff Deluxe

Editorial and Production:
Foster Barnes, Judi Blackwell, Broos Campbell, Michael S. Gant, Todd S. Inoue, Valerie Jackson, Don Long, Christina Malcolm, Nicole Pizzurro, Sharan Street and Heather Zimmerman.

Liquid Researchers
Nicky Baxter, Rafer Guzmán, Traci Hukill, Ami Chen Mills, Richard Sine and Christina Waters.

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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