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New in Town

Agenda Lounge

Reviewed by Todd S. Inoue

Unlike other urban hubs, San Jose is still developing the urbane sophistication of a big city. Plush supper club Agenda aims to help the process by adding the popular dinner and music medium to the downtown mix. The Marsugi's building sat untouched and unloved for years until club entrepreneur Jacek Rosicki purchased it. Construction went off and on until Agenda opened its doors in November of 1995. Today, the club is in full swing, booking an eclectic, cosmopolitan array of jazz, lounge and roots music upstairs and serving California cuisine on the main floor. Even further downstairs is the Speakeasy, an underground (in the literal sense) dance club.

The sumptuous triple layer cake is separated by a seedy back alleyway--gussied up to look like a scene imported from the French Quarter. Upstairs, the lounge is pure luster. The bar and dance area are separated by a 30-foot-long Eiffel Tower-like truss running across the ceiling. Though shooting for a "yuppie" clientele, co-owners Rosicki and Ann Chin stress that Agenda is open to everyone, and that casual attire is accepted.

399 S. First St., San Jose (408/287-3991).

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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