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This year's bars, clubs and coffeehouses survey is Metro's most exhaustive yet. We've added billiard halls, microbreweries, juice bars and wineries. Clubs are listed here by city and are cross-referenced by the category under which they are listed.

The capsule descriptions provide the kind of information we would want to know before deciding where to spend an evening: what amenities the bar provides, what kind of beverages, hours and entertainment schedules.

Marina Sea Food Grotto See Cocktail Lounges.
Vahl's Restaurant and Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.

Adam's Apple See Cocktail Lounges.
Barado's Coffee Co. & Juice Bar See Juice Bars.
Best Choice See Juice Bars.
Boswell's See Live Rock & Pop.
Campbell Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
Campbell Bread Baking Co. See Coffeehouses.
Campbell Pool and Pizza See Billiards.
Campbell Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Effie's See Cocktail Lounges.
Gary's Sports Bar and Grill See Sports Bars.
Gaslighter Theater See Comedy & Vaudeville.
Jaz Caffe Classico See Coffeehouses.
Khartoum's See Hangouts.
Kuinonia Koffeehouse See Coffeehouses.
Lil' Otto's See Hangouts.
Orchard Valley Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.

Adobe Inn See Cocktail Lounges.
Be Your Own Beer Master See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Benihana's See Cocktail Lounges.
Benjamin's See Hangouts.
Blue Pheasant See Cocktail Lounges.
Britannia Arms See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Buster's Grill and Bar See Hangouts.
Café Quinn See Coffeehouses.
Coffee Society See Coffeehouses.
Cupertino Café See Cocktail Lounges.
Duke of Edinburgh See Pubs & Microbreweries.
El Torito See Cocktail Lounges.
Fireside Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.
Johnny Z's See Cocktail Lounges.
Juice Club See Juice Bars.
Monta Vista Inn See Hangouts.
Outback Steakhouse See Cocktail Lounges.
Peacock Lounge See Hangouts.
P.J. Mulligans See Hangouts.
The Roasted Coffee Bean See Coffeehouses.
The Silver Fox See Hangouts.
Sirens Café See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Sports City Cafe See Sports Bars.
TGI Friday's See Hangouts.

Gaslighter Theatre See Live Rock & Pop.
Gilroy Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
La Cantinita See Hangouts.
Las Palmas See Cocktail Lounges.
Oakwood Lounge See Hangouts.
Sports Connection See Sports Bars.

Los Altos
The Daily Grind See Coffeehouses.
The Echo of Los Altos See Cocktail Lounges.
Los Altos Bar and Grill See Sports Bars.
Mac's Tea Room See Cocktail Lounges.
Second Cup Café See Coffeehouses.

Los Gatos
Black Watch See Hangouts.
C.B. Hannegan's See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Café Trio See Cocktail Lounges.
Cafe Rouge See Coffeehouses.
Carry Nations See Cocktail Lounges.
The Cats See Hangouts.
Chart House See Cocktail Lounges.
The Clock Tower Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
Dolce Spazio See Coffeehouses.
Great Bear Coffee & Los Osos Cafe See Coffeehouses.
Hug a Berry Café See Juice Bars.
Johnny's Northside Grill See Hangouts.
Lisa's Tea Treasures See Coffeehouses.
Los Gatos Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
Los Gatos Brewing Co. See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Los Gatos Lodge See Cocktail Lounges.
Marbella See Cocktail Lounges.
Mountain Charley's See Dance Clubs.
Nectars See Juice Bars.
Number One Broadway See Hangouts.
O'Shea's Pub and Grill See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Otto's Garden Room See Hangouts.
Peet's Coffee See Coffeehouses.
Pedro's See Cocktail Lounges.
Steamers See Cocktail Lounges.
Waves See Dance Clubs.
Wine Cellar See Hangouts.

Menlo Park
British Bankers Club See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Café Borrone See Coffeehouses.
Peet's Coffee See Coffeehouses.

A Book Garden Café See Coffeehouses.
Borders Café See Coffeehouses.
The Box See Coffeehouses.
Brandon's Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.
Caffé Romeo See Coffeehouses.
Calaveras Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Edgie's Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
Family Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
Galaxy See Hangouts.
Gasthaus Adler See Cocktail Lounges.
Riff's See Hangouts.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.
Zahir's Cafe See Cocktail Lounges.

Monte Sereno
La Hacienda See Cocktail Lounges.

Morgan Hill
Box Seat See Sports Bars.
El Capri See Hangouts.
The Golden Oak See Cocktail Lounges.
Jack's Steak House See Hangouts.
Morgan Hill Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Rivera's Club See Hangouts.

Mountain View
Alberto's See Live Latin & Salsa.
Bay City Coffee Roasting See Coffeehouses.
Benjamin's 2 See Hangouts.
Caffé Mezzaluna See Coffeehouses.
Castro Street Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
Charlie's Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
Cottage Club See Hangouts.
Cuppa Joe See Coffeehouses.
Daybreak See Hangouts.
Jumpin' Java See Coffeehouses.
Magic Edge Officers' Club and Cafe See Sports Bars.
Mountain View Pub See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Pockets See Billiards.
Printers Inc. Bookstore & Café See Coffeehouses.
The R Club See Hangouts.
Red Rock Coffee Co. See Coffeehouses.
Saint James Infirmary See Cocktail Lounges.
Shoreline Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
The Sports Page See Sports Bars.
Tied House Brewery See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Time Out Sports Bar See Sports Bars.
Tony Roma's See Cocktail Lounges.
The Town Club See Hangouts.
The Wagon Wheel See Cocktail Lounges.
World-Famous King of Clubs See Hangouts.

Palo Alto
Antonio's Nut House See Hangouts.
Blue Chalk See Cocktail Lounges.
Café Fino See Coffeehouses.
Caffé Verona See Coffeehouses.
The Edge See Dance Clubs.
Empire Tap Room See Cocktail Lounges.
Fanny and Alexander Restaurant and Café See Cocktail Lounges.
Gordon Biersch See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Hugo's Cafe and Sports Bar See Sports Bars.
Il Fornaio See Cocktail Lounges.
Island Food and Grog See Hangouts.
Jose's Caribbean Nightclub & Restaurant See Cocktail Lounges.
Juice Club See Juice Bars.
Left at Albuquerque See Cocktail Lounges.
MacArthur Park See Cocktail Lounges.
Old Pro Sports Bar and Grill See Sports Bars.
Printer's Inc. Bookstore & Cafe See Coffeehouses.
Prolific Oven See Coffeehouses.
Q Café Billiards See Live Rock & Pop.
Rose and Crown See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Rudy's Pub See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Saint Michael's Alley See Coffeehouses.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.
Stars Palo Alto See Cocktail Lounges.
Talbot's See Cocktail Lounges.
University Coffee Café See Coffeehouses.

San Jose
Agenda See Cocktail Lounges.
AJ's See Go-go & Strip Clubs.
Alex's 49er Inn See Sports Bars.
Almaden Feed and Fuel See Hangouts.
Almaden Lounge See Hangouts.
Almaden Roasting Co./Our Daily Bread See Coffeehouses.
The Artfull Cup See Coffeehouses.
Barnes and Noble See Coffeehouses.
Bears Cocktail Lounge See Hangouts.
Bella Mia Restaurant See Cocktail Lounges.
Bella's Club See Hangouts.
Bellino Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
Big Lil's See Comedy & Vaudeville.
Bini's Bar & Grill See Hangouts.
Black Angus Fun Bar See Cocktail Lounges.
Blake's Steakhouse & bar See Cocktail Lounges.
Bob's Lounge See Hangouts.
Branham Lounge See Hangouts.
Britannia Arms See Pubs & Microbreweries.
C.S. Riff's See Sports Bars.
Café Adzia See Coffeehouses.
Café Bombay Bar & Restaurant See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Café Di Roma See Coffeehouses.
Café 1850 See Coffeehouses.
Café Europa See Coffeehouses.
Café Italia See Coffeehouses.
Café Leviticus See Coffeehouses.
Café Matisse See Coffeehouses.
Caffé Zucco See Juice Bars.
The Caravan See Hangouts.
Cardinal Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.
Casa Vicky See Coffeehouses.
Cactus Club See Live Rock & Pop.
Calypso See Cocktail Lounges.
Cambrian Bowl Lounge See Hangouts.
Chasers See Live Rock & Pop.
Cinebar See Hangouts.
City Bar and Grill See Cocktail Lounges.
City Espresso See Coffeehouses.
City Espresso See Coffeehouses.
Club Caribe See Live Salsa & Latin.
Club Ibex See Dance Clubs.
Club Max See Cocktail Lounges.
Club Miami See Salsa & Latin.
Coconut Willies Cocktail Lounge See Hangouts.
Copa Cabana See Live Salsa & Latin.
Crossroads See Hangouts.
Creekside Inn See Cocktail Lounges.
Daily Squeeze See Juice Bars.
Dos Locos Cantina See Hangouts.
The Drying Shed See Cocktail Lounges.
Eight Forty North First See Cocktail Lounges.
El Rancho Inn See Hangouts.
Eli's Caffé Classico See Coffeehouses.
Espresso Yourself See Coffeehouses.
Eulipia Restaurant and Bar See Cocktail Lounges.
Evergreen Inn & Pub See Hangouts.
Fairmont Hotel See Cocktail Lounges.
5th Quarter See Sports Bars.
Flying Pig Pub See Pubs & Microbreweries.
4th Street Bowl See Sports Bars.
4th Street Café See Hangouts.
Fox's Den Sports Bar & Grill See Sports Bars.
Garden City See Live Jazz & Blues.
Gordon Biersch See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Greg's Ball Room See Dance Clubs.
Hamburger Mary's See Dance Clubs.
Harry's Hofbrau See Cocktail Lounges.
Henry's World-Famous Hi-Life See Cocktail Lounges.
Hochburg von Germania See Cocktail Lounges.
Hotel De Anza Hedley Club See Live Jazz & Blues.
The Huddle See Hangouts.
Hyde Park Lounge See Hangouts.
Il Fornaio Panetteria See Coffeehouses.
Ike's Lounge See Hangouts.
J.B.'s Peacock Lounge See Hangouts.
Jack's Club See Hangouts.
Java Spot See Coffeehouses.
JJ's Blues Lounge See Live Jazz & Blues.
Jojo's Live Rock & Pop.
Joy's Place See Hangouts.
Juice Club See Juice Bars.
Katie Bloom's See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Kato's Blues Bar See Live Jazz & Blues.
K.D.'s Corner Cafe See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Keegan's Café See Coffeehouses.
Keyes Club See Hangouts.
Keystone Coffee See Coffeehouses.
La Sala Della Palma See Cocktail Lounges.
Latin Village See Live Salsa & Latin.
Lenny's See Hangouts.
Light Rail Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.
Little Joey's Lounge See Hangouts.
Mac's Club See Hangouts.
Maria's Club See Live Salsa & Latin.
Menara Moroccan Restaurant See Cocktail Lounges.
The Mission Ale House See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Moulin Rouge Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Murray's Club See Hangouts.
The New Club 4 See Hangouts.
Night Moves See Country & Western.
Northwood Lounge See Hangouts.
Opry House See Comedy & Vaudeville.
Orchard Valley Coffee See Coffeehouses.
Original Joe's See Cocktail Lounges.
Otto's Garden Room See Hangouts.
Paddock Lounge See Hangouts.
Paolo's See Cocktail Lounge.
Parrot Lounge See Cocktail Lounges.
Peacock Lounge See Hangouts.
Peets Coffee and Tea See Coffeehouses.
Phoenix See Dance Clubs.
Pink Poodle See Go-go and Strip Clubs.
The Place See Hangouts.
Plaza Inn See Hangouts.
Red Stag Lounge See Hangouts.
Redi Room See Hangouts.
Renegades See Hangouts.
Rich's Wild Kingdom See Hangouts.
Royale Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
The Saddle Rack See Country & Western.
San Jose Live! See Dance Clubs.
Sarti's See Cocktail Lounges.
Scalawag's See Live Rock & Pop.
Sh Boom See Dance Clubs.
The Shark and Rose See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Shark's Tooth See Sports Bars.
Sharky's of Willow Glen See Sports Bars.
Sherwood Inn See Cocktail Lounges.
641 Club See Hangouts.
South First Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
South Side Cafe See Hangouts.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.
Starlight Coffee Co. See Coffeehouses.
Talk of the Town See Coffeehouses.
Teske's Germania See Cocktail Lounges.
Three Flames See Cocktail Lounges.
Three Plus One Club See Cocktail Lounges.
Tied House Brewery See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Tony Roma's See Cocktail Lounges.
Tony's Pool Hall See Billiard Parlors.
Toons Live Rock & Pop.
Tropicana/Hollywood Junction See Dance Club.
The Usual See Live Rock & Pop.
Valley Espresso See Coffeehouses.
Vegetarian House See Juice Bars.
Vertigo See Dance Clubs.
Vic's See Hangouts.
Vienna Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Vigal Coffee See Coffeehouses.
Wheel of Fortune See Hangouts.
Willow Glen Inn See Cocktail Lounges.
Willow Glen Pub See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Willow Glen Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Yo Java See Coffeehouses.
Zorba's See Cocktail Lounges.

Santa Clara
Birk's See Cocktail Lounges.
Blinky's Sports Cafe See Sports Bars.
C&J Sports Bar See Sports Bars.
Café Aroma See Coffeehouses.
City Lights See Coffeehouses.
Coffee Factory See Coffeehouses.
Coleman Still See Cocktail Lounges.
ComedySportz See Comedy & Vaudeville.
Donna's Duke's See Country & Western.
Flamingo Lounge See Hangouts.
Horseshoe Club See Country & Western.
The Hut See Hangouts.
McNeil's Bar and Grill See Hangouts.
Martin's Cocktail Lounge See Hangouts.
Mission City Coffee Roasting Co. See Coffeehouses.
Mister Steer Steak House See Cocktail Lounges.
Players See Sports Bars.
Santa Clara Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.
A Tinker's Damn See Dance Clubs.
Woodham Lounge See Hangouts.

The Bank See Hangouts.
Big Basin Bistro See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Crazy Horse Bistro See Cocktail Lounges.
Dolce Vita See Cocktail Lounges.
French Roast See Coffeehouses.
International Coffee Exchange See Coffeehouses.
Manhattan's See Cocktail Lounges.

Bank Shot Billiards See Billiard Parlors.
The Bean Scene See Coffeehouses.
Beefy's Cabin See Hangouts.
Brass Rail See Go-go and Strip Clubs.
Caffé Ciao See Coffeehouses.
Candid Club See Go-go and Strip Clubs.
Cheers See Hangouts.
The Coffee and Mug Factory See Coffeehouses.
Coffee City See Coffeehouses.
Faultline Brewing Company See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Faz Sunnyvale See Cocktail Lounges.
Fibbar Magee's See Pubs & Microbreweries.
French Quarter Cabaret See Dance Clubs.
Frosted Mug See Hangouts.
Hardy's Bavaria See Cocktail Lounges.
Hip Hugger See Go-go and Strip Clubs.
Kit Kat Club See Go-go and Strip Clubs.
The Lion and Compass See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Lookout Inn Restaurant See Cocktail Lounges.
Murphy's Law See Sports Bars.
The Palace See Cocktail Lounges.
Paul and Harvey's See Hangouts.
Quarter Note See Dance Clubs.
The Roadhouse See Live Jazz & Blues.
Red Rock Coffee Co. See Coffeehouses.
Rooster T. Feather's See Comedy & Vaudeville.
Shooter's See Cocktail Lounges.
Starbucks See Coffeehouses.
Stardust Lounge See Dance Clubs.
Starlite Ballroom See Dance Clubs.
Stoddard's Brewhouse See Pubs & Microbreweries.
Towne Oak Supper Club See Cocktail Lounges.

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