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New in Town

Blue Rock Shoot

Reviewed by Richard Sine

Mitchell and Tracey Cutler deserve a lollipop every day. First they opened the Raphaelite-fantasy restaurant La Fondue in downtown Saratoga. Now it's Blue Rock Shoot, a cafe so pretty, woodsy and understated--so Saratoga--that it's hard to believe it only opened in March. Located across the street from La Fondue, the Blue Rock already feels like a town center, a destination as much as a way station.

The Blue Rock is actually a big house on a hillside with several levels and rooms. The interior is all arts-and-crafts furnishings and ceramic figurines. At street level, the cafe serves wine, beer, bagels, salads, sorbets, sandwiches and pizza as well as coffee. Downstairs, there's a small bookstore with an emphasis on quality literature. The Book Market is the site of poetry readings on Sundays, lectures midweek, live music on Fridays and even a cigar club, "Friends of the Leaf," on Thursday nights. Out back, four levels of patios overlook Wildwood Park. The lower levels feature a Japanese-style rock garden and a cascading waterfall that burbles softly to the diners.

14523 Big Basin Way, Saratoga (408/741-5180).

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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