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Camera Cafe

Reviewed by Heather Zimmerman

In funky '90s chic with a plush, plummy color scheme, polished stone and inviting ironwork, the Camera Cafe brings new meaning to "dinner and a movie." Sharing the lobby of the Camera 3 theater--the space defined by a whimsical metalwork screen--this cozy cafe has an identity of its own while subtly carrying on the "at the movies" theme. The cafe's menu boasts as eclectic a mix as the patrons themselves, who range from filmgoers of all ages to lunchtime diners and conventioneers. The menu, dreamed up with an assist from the folks at Willow Street Pizza, offers nine gourmet sandwiches. For $4.75, for example, the Elvira Madigan, one of three vegetarian sandwich choices, is brimming with an assortment of cheeses and veggies. The cafe also serves salads, quiches and lasagna as well as an array of sinful desserts to top off a meal or for an après-film snack.

Beverages include an assortment of espresso and coffee drinks, wines by the glass, bottled imported beers, tea, juices, Italian sodas and Calistoga. Starting July 11, the Camera Cafe also will host a weekly live acoustic music series.

At Camera 3 Cinemas, 288 S. Second St., San Jose (408/998-0932).

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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