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New in Town

Kismet the Gallery

Reviewed by Heather Zimmerman

This spacious gallery and cafe is one of the newest additions to the burgeoning Bohemia of San Jose's SoFA district. Named for a Turkish word that describes a "fateful meeting," the aim of Kismet, say co-owners Donna Fritz and Mike Walden, is to create a place for art that is inviting to java sippers and art lovers of all ages and walks of life --"something for everybody." To that end, Kismet boasts a welcoming expanse of space that is both cavernous and airy, setting off a variety of colorful contemporary art with a blend of bold geometric architecture and the characteristic bare brick walls familiar to many downtown buildings. A facade of French doors opens directly onto the sidewalk of South First Street and a small outdoor seating area, daily transformed by a mini-oasis of potted trees and plants. The cafe offers coffee and espresso drinks, a selection of teas, chai, juices, Italian sodas and Jones sodas, as well as quiches, pastries and desserts. The gallery will hang a new show approximately every three to four weeks; an exhibit of works by Valentin Popov and Patricia Hutchinson opens on June 21. Plans are also under way for live music and poetry readings.

434 S. First St., San Jose (408/292-4226).

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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