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New in Town

Mountain View Pub

Reviewed by Richard Sine

Coyly known by the acronym "MVP," the Mountain View Pub is the kind of sports bar where the local co-ed softball team goes to celebrate a big win. The friendly patrons have put on a few pounds since their salad days but don't seem to care, and the rugby-shirted waitress takes your order in a cheerleader stance. Sports memorabilia sits in a case against one wall, with price tags attached. (No such tags on the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice jerseys on display, however.) The joint is busy but quiet enough to allow talk--until the local bands come on. MVP provides a full bar as well as a sizable collection of bar food and outdoor dining. During our visit, we found the burger hulking but uninspired, and the screwdriver flimsy. Good Caesar salad, though. Your results may vary.

303 Bryant St., Mountain View (415/390-9696).

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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