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Polis Report


By Richard Sine

Don't know about you, but here at Metro, our hearts are warmed each Thursday by the Merc's new reader-written feature section, in Living, titled "Celebrations."

Overwarmed, even.

Not to be outdone by such tearjerking topics as: My High School Graduation, Kids Say the Darndest Things, Eleven Reasons I Love My Shih Tzu, and I'm a Philatelist--and I Vote!, Metro will begin its own special section dedicated to you, unhappy reader.

We're excited about "Degradations," and we're counting on you to give voice to your own unique, angst-ridden life experiences.

To borrow a phrase from our brighter-side rival: "How much fun we have here depends in large part on you and your contributions," so don't let us down.

Let's just get one thing straight: You won't get paid for your efforts--but neither do those cheerful Merc contributors.

This week, we're asking for essays on the following topics: "Where was God When I Needed Him?," "My Favorite Repressed Memories" (feel free to name names); "Snowball After the Accident: Her Final Hours" and "Am I Happy--or Just Anti-Depressed?"

We're looking forward to your submissions, Dear Reader! And remember: No subject is too humiliating, embarrassing or boring. Entries don't have to be great because we're not paying you. Okay?

Send your stories to: Degradations Editor, Getting-By Section, Metro.

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From the June 13-19, 1996 issue of Metro

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