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Blazing lineup ignites annual BFD festival at Shoreline

By Sarah Quelland

THE SEASON HEATS up with the first all-day rock festival of the summer. The weekend starts with LIVE 105's eighth-annual music blowout BFD held this Friday (June 15) at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Each year, the radio station donates a portion of the proceeds to various charities. This year's beneficiaries are the Larkin Street Youth Center and the Bill Wilson Center. Blink 182, Staind, 311, the Cult, Disturbed, Fuel, Saliva, Stabbing Westward and Tantric will perform on the Main Stage; Pennywise, New Found Glory, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm, the Living End, Rehab, Systematic, Cold and Oleander will play the Dysfunctional Stage; and Mix Master Mike and Mike D of the Beastie Boys, along with Mars, DJ Dan, Mystre, Keoki, Thomas Trouble, Dyloot, Tom Slik, Gianni, Disko Shawn and Party Ben take charge of the Subsonic Stage. Tickets are sold out, but the station is holding giveaways for listeners.

On Saturday (June 16), the Cactus Club holds two exciting CD-release shows. Streetlight Records celebrates the release of its latest compilation from 1 to 6pm, and bands found on the disc, including Sin in Space, Xiu Xiu and the What Four?, will perform. The evening explodes with the Summer Music Slam 2001, where Krenshaw will release its full-length Lazy i. Reaction 31, Woodshed, Breach and Mallet round out the lineup, with SECURITY going on as a special midnight surprise. ... Across the street at the Usual that night is the Beauty and the Beast model search cosponsored by TwistedLens.com and GirlsWithGlasses.com and featuring performances by Stitch, Downside, Built, Rivals and Local ODdity.

A benefit show is being organized for Testament vocalist Chuck Billy, who was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Germ Cell Seminoma. The big Thrash of the Titans event is planned for Aug. 11 at Maritime Hall in San Francisco. Anthrax, S.O.D., Legacy, Exodus, Violence, Forbidden Evil, Laaz Rockit, Heathen and Sadus are confirmed, along with a reunited Death Angel (which features current members of Swarm). Billy's cancer has reportedly not spread, and the prognosis is said to be good. Billy will be donating some of the proceeds from his own benefit to assist Chuck Schuldiner (Death, Control Denied), who has a malignant brain tumor, with his own medical costs. Visit www.testamentlegions.com for updates on Billy and www.hammerheartamerica.com for updates on Schuldiner. Swarm, which features vocalist Mark Osegueda, guitarist Rob Cavestany, drummer Andy Galeon and bassist Michael Isaiah, has been touring with Jerry Cantrell, and recently got picked up for the third leg of the tour, which wraps Aug. 3 in New Orleans. Swarm is scheduled to give a Bay Area performance before it hits the road again. The show will be held June 29 at Paradise Lounge in San Francisco with the Signal and Birdsaw.

On June 3, Tesla played 107.7's Bone Bash II with Great White and Ted Nugent at the Redwood Amphitheater inside Paramount's Great America. Visit http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/06.07.01/tesla-0123.html for a review of the show.

PLAN AHEAD: Los Bastardos de Amor, Ones and Zeros and Downside, June 14 at the Backbeat; Mix Master Mike and the Fingerbangers, June 14 at the Usual; Slow Gherkin, June 14 at the Pound in San Francisco; Lonely Kings, Sloe, Loadstar and Longshot, June 14 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz; Picnic, June 15 at Boswell's; KRS-1, June 15 at Palookaville in Santa Cruz; Stunt Monkey, Fighting Jacks, the Timeouts and My New Life (featuring ex-members of Boy Kicks Girl and FreakbomB), June 16 at the Los Gatos Outhouse; Insolence, Tomfoolery, Medication and Dick, June 16 at the Pound; Track Star, June 16 at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco; Bermudez Triangle, June 16 at Fuel; Built to Spill, June 16-19 at Slim's in San Francisco; benefit show with the Pimp Sticks, the Hellbillys, the Chop Tops and JB Allison, June 17 at the Pound; Paul Simon and Brian Wilson, June 17 at Shoreline; Anal Cunt, Impaled and Exhumed, June 17 at the Cactus; Heineken's MP3.com Tour with Orixa and Songo, June 19 at Fuel; Nickel Creek, June 19 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco; the Beatnuts, Major Liegue and the Arsonists, June 21 at the Usual; Operator: Generator, June 21 at Paradise Lounge in San Francisco; the Wallflowers and Minibar, June 26-28 at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga; Les Claypool's Frog Brigade and Phil Lesh, July 1 at the Greek Theater in Berkeley; Social Distortion, July 9 at the Catalyst; Stevie Nicks, Aug. 14 at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

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From the June 14-20, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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