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This Week
June 20-26, 1996

Fish Story: In the competition for
a diminishing salmon population,
California fishermen shoot to kill
sea lions, but in the big picture of
resource management, there's
more to the story than man
vs. mammal.

This Little Piggy: At the popular certified farmers' markets, where certificates aren't always checked, there's fertile ground for produce abuse.

Public Eye: Joan Baez gets Nordy's knickers in a twist, and the name of a new Los Gatos grill has feminists up in arms.

Polis Report: Golfing through the Glass Ceiling.

Arts & Entertainment
Just a Hunch: The Victor is the loser in Disney adaptation of Hugo's classic novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame .

Behind the Mask: Georges Franju's chilling Eyes Without a Face does not confuse horror with a quick fright.

New Frontiers: Lone Star's border skirmishes.

Tibet Rocks!: The crowd went wild at last weekend's Tibetan Freedom Concert, and Metroactive's got the pictures to prove it.

Perry's Porno Picks: Perry Farrell, of Jane's Addiction fame, contemplates the good life with Porno for Pyros.

Past Prime: Is Elvis Costello Useless on new album?

Jazz Treats: Jesus Valdés brings a Cuban beat to Shoreline.

Impolitic Gangstas: I.M.P. raps with conviction but no solutions.

Beat Street: Epic punk show scheduled for Billy DeFrank Community Center in San Jose this Sunday.

Sloughing It: Academic critics can't stand the fact that America's greatest writer learned his craft in the wild West.

Bard Times: Palo Alto Players conjures up the spirit of John Barrymore in I Hate Hamlet.

Organic Attitudes: Reflecting the artistic sensibilities and deep devotion to seasonal, organic produce of its entrepreneuse, Jesse Cool, Menlo Park's Flea Street Cafe continues to dance in the vanguard.

Vegging Out: Exploring downtown San Jose's Casa Vicky and its fine Mexican cuisine.

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