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Go Girl

By Corinne Asturias

The time has come for women to break through the grass ceiling.

That's right--not the glass ceiling, the grass ceiling. For reasons unknown to the putting green-impaired, golf and business have always gone hand in hand. The latest '90s business tip for ambitious women executives is to learn how to do it on men's turf.

Why should only men be allowed to tramp around in ugly shoes, plaid hats and pastel cardigans? If deals of the century are going down on the golf course, why shouldn't women be there, swinging away with the best of them?

Hence the Women Executive's Golf Empowerment Clinic, offered at the Stanford University Golf Course June 29, with the goal of helping women execs penetrate what has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated sport.

By most estimates, women are ready. The National Golf Foundation estimates that 40 percent of all new players are women. By the year 2000, half of all new players will be female.

It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, women make on the sport. I'd put money on better-looking shoes.

Apparently it's not enough that today's power-ruffled woman should be able to hold her own in the boardroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the gym and on the road. No, the serious executive, intent on the confidence of men, should also be able to hold her own on the green.

It's a point well taken. A driver, properly employed, could work wonders on a glass ceiling.

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From the June 20-26, 1996 issue of Metro

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