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Set to Rock

Setlists for the bands that played the Tibetan Freedom Concert

Cibo Matto
Beef Jerky
Candy Man
Birthday Cake
Know Your Chicken

Biz Markie
Pickin' Boogers
Make Music With Your Mouth
Just a Friend
The Vapors
Nobody Beats the Biz

Yoko Ono/Ima
I'm Dying

De La Soul
Plug Tunin'
Potholes in My Lawn
Say No Go (with part of My Brother is a Basehead)
A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"
Eye Know
Me Myself and I
Ain't Hip to be Labeled a Hippie [a capella]
Ego Trippin'
(didn't play "Stakes Iz High" because they ran out of time)

A Tribe Called Quest
Clap Your Hands
Oh My God
Bonita Applebaum
Back Once Again
Can I Kick It
Award Tour
Check the Rhime

Rage Against The Machine
People of the Sun
Know Your Enemy
Bulls on Parade
Bullet in the Head
Killing in the Name

Beastie Boys
Jimmy James
Root Down
Biz vs. Nuge
Time for Livin'
Believe Me
Stand Together
Get It Together
Groove Holmes
Flute Loop
Shake Yo Rump
Do It
Tough Guy
Red Tape
Bodhisattva Vow
Sure Shot
So Whatcha Want
Something's Got to Give

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From the June 20-26, 1996 issue of Metro

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