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Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Christopher Gardner

Say Cheese: Casa Vicky's quesadilla platter scores big with vegetarian diners.

Casa Vicky entices vegetarian diners with an array of fresh and all-natural Mexican cuisine

By Judi Blackwell

TAQUERIA MEETS bakery here in this colorful, lively establishment catering to vegetarian and health-oriented diners. Casa Vicky's fresh and all-natural Mexican cuisine and bakery products are both great for sit-down dining or takeout. And the key words here are "fresh" and "all-natural." All Casa Vicky's bakery products--pastries, cakes, cookies, bread--and tortillas are homemade daily with only natural ingredients. And no animal fat is used in the restaurant's cooking.

Along with a breakfast menu, Casa Vicky presents a megalisting of fiery specialties and an hefty array of diverse dishes--ranging from the Chile Relleno Platter ($7.95)--cheese-stuffed Anaheim pepper in a crispy egg coating, topped with a sizzling Spanish sauce--to the Vegetarian Platter ($4.95)--a decent heaping of rice, beans, garden salad, assorted vegetables (depending on the time of year), cheese, guacamole and sour cream served with homemade tortillas.

Here you can also find standard taqueria fare like a rich quesadilla platter ($5.75) bulging with melted cheese and garnished with garden salad, guacamole and sour cream and the vegetarian burrito ($3.75), an indecently huge warm flour tortilla, filled with all the proper accessories--rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes and garden salad. The chile relleno burrito ($3.75)--a house specialty--amounts to the same as the veggie burrito but also boasts fat chunks of chile relleno--a definite winner.

But wait, there's more! Casa Vicky also offers delicious pastries, a variety of coffee specialties (the cafe de olla, Mexican coffee, is excellent) and thirst-quenching "aqua frescas," as well as margaritas, cervezas and wine.

Casa Vicky is located at 792 E. Julian Street, San Jose, 408/995-5166. Open daily, 7am­10pm.

Send tips to Vegging Out at 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or email to [email protected].

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From the June 20-26, 1996 issue of Metro

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