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Polis Report

Disciplinary Wives Club

By Michael Learmonth

Does he leave the toilet seat up? Invite his friends over for the game without asking? Forget an anniversary or Valentines' Day? San Jose's own "Aunt Kay" would like to share with you her secret to keeping a well-behaved husband: "We believe in using a good old-fashioned spanking; over the knee with hairbrush, etc. to work on behavior improvement and have some fun."

Aunt Kay, as she has known on Internet newsgroups, is putting out the word far and wide. Ever since turning her husband Jerry over her knee on a regular basis, his behavior has improved. Their marriage has gotten so good, in fact, that she is eager to share the gospel.

"This is great because it helps relationships," she writes on a message posted to the newsgroup alt.personals.spanking. "Maternal discipline is a healthy and positive development and I am seeing that couples who do this stay together and have better values about mutual respect."

Aunt Kay and Jerry have started the Disciplinary Wives Club for Silicon Valley couples who think they might benefit from discipline but need a little help "breaking the ice." For women who need a little helping hand getting started, Aunt Kay is more than willing to give a cut-up husband a solid surrogate spanking. She's taking orders for her "small newsletter" from "couples only" at [email protected].

"I like to communicate with the woman in the family," she responded to my email message. "You know, it is the nature of how we do what we do."

San Jose marriage counselor Judith Shernock has her professional doubts. "It sounds like they both have unmet childhood needs," she says. "This woman wants to proselytize because she has some guilty feelings about it."

Shernock warns that under no circumstances is redhanding a recognized treatment for couples.

"In no way, shape or form is this a new kind of therapy," Shernock says. "I can envision a movie script with Woody Allen and Mia Farrow."

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From the June 26-July 2, 1997 issue of Metro.

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