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MP3.com: Huge resource for MP3s.

Audiofind.com: Search engine for MP3s.

Epitonic.com: Indie, electronica and hip-hop MP3s as well as loads of information on the music.

Listen.com: Search engine for free and not-for-free music files.

Napster.com: Trade MP3s and chat using Napster software.

MP123.com: Share MP3s between specific users by requesting a copy from the owner.

Musicseek.net: Search for MP3s.

Myplay.com: Download tracks, upload and store MP3s on a remote server.

ScourExchange: Not limited to MP3 files, it handles video and software too.

iMesh: Download pictures and movies.

Gnutella: News, downloads and tutorials for this file-sharing service.

Spinfrenzy: Share media, including MP3s and video clips.

Netbrilliant: Connects you with all types of files.

SonicNet.com: Me Music.

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