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High As Hell

Nashville Pussy
High as Hell
TVT Records

Nashville Pussy is a band you have to see live to fully appreciate. Tattooed outlaw and bassist Corey Parks spits fireballs into the audience while guitarist Ruyter Suys kicks around the stage like a female Angus Young. The band's last effort, Let Them Eat Pussy, was nominated for a Grammy for the song "Fried Chicken and Coffee," but Nashville Pussy's crunchy, Southern-fried metal-punk, though blistering, was mediocre at best. High as Hell is much better, with scorching songs that nod toward old-school metal bands like AC/DC and Southern rockers like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Frontman Blaine Cartwright, who looks like he just stumbled out of some savage, lawless, backcountry holler, growls and snarls his lyrics, his scratchy voice both sinister and mocking. The band is still something of a novelty, with titles like "Piece of Ass," "Shoot First and Run Like Hell" and "Struttin' Cock." But the songwriting has definitely improved since the last album. (Sarah Quelland)

Mission: Impossible 2 Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer
M:I-2: Music From the Original Motion Picture Score

If you're a fan of the old Mission: Impossible TV series and its pulsating Lalo Schifrin jazz themes, you might initially consider Hans Zimmer's score from John Woo's sumptuously shot but so-so sequel to be as sacrilegious as the movie itself. The congos and woodwinds that were trademarks of Schifrin's music are virtually missing, and the electric-guitar renditions of the main theme would give Peter Graves a coronary. But Zimmer's score, which features intriguing flamenco interludes, Carl Orff-style choruses and some fine guitar work by Michael Brook, will grow on you after repeated listens. Like Danny Elfman's Schifrin-esque score from the previous film, Zimmer's soundtrack makes for exhilarating listening outside of the theater. Forget the lame, prefab Music From and Inspired by M:I-2 pop album; the M:I-2 score album accomplishes its mission with aplomb. (Jim Aquino)

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