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[whitespace] Police search of mobile home leads to two meth arrests

Willow Glen--Two men possessing more than a pound of methamphetamine were arrested in a Willow Glen mobile home park early this month.

Both were charged with possession for sale of meth, and being under the influence of the drug. One of the men, James Chavan, a convicted felon who was on probation for drug- and alcohol-related charges, was also charged with possession of firearms and ammunition.

After receiving complaints from neighbors about suspected drug activity at 1850 Evans Lane, at 6:10 p.m. on July 7, police conducted a probation search of 33-year-old Chavan's mobile home. Upon entering Chavan's home, police found 28 grams of loose meth in a container, and a bag holding two separate large blocks of the drug, each weighing a quarter pound, police said.

"Police received information from residents in the area saying, 'We believe there's some activity going on at this place, we believe they're selling drugs," said officer Rubens Dalaison, a spokesman for the San Jose Police Department. "Police found out who lived at number 40, realized this guy's on probation, conducted a probation search and arrested him."

Both men--Chavan and 32-year-old Dwane Overall--were in No. 40 at the time of the probation search. The two were under the influence of meth, and taken into custody, Dalaison said.

After arresting both men, police proceeded to 1850 Evans Lane, No. 46, Overall's home. There they found three handguns, three rifles and a sawed-off shotgun. Chavan was storing the weapons at his friend's home, Dalaison said.

Chavan, who has a history of arrests dating back to 1993, was convicted in 1998 of possession of methamphetamine, a felony. He also has four prior convictions of being under the influence of methamphetamine and phencyclidine; with two prior convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol and one prior conviction of driving with a suspended license.

Two witnesses were at the scene, according to police, but were not charged or taken into custody. One, a 35-year-old female, was in trailer No. 40 at the time of arrest. The other witness, a 36-year-old female who arrived while police were searching the house, has a history of drug possession, Dalaison said.
Jessica Lyons

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