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The Truth is Out There ... Online

A sampling of web links to stump the skeptics, please the believers and excite the X-philes

Compiled by Trystan L. Bass

The Kooks Museum: A lively collection of crackpot theories, questionable scholarship, and other productions by those who are stigmatized because of their extreme or socially unacceptable beliefs.

Journal of Scientific Exploration: A scholarly journal of otherwise respectable academics who are into weird X-Files-ish science.

The 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Check out "Hangar Umpteen" for a warehouse full of alien crap, plus the "aliens on the moon" chapter.

WWW Library of UFOs: A good starting point for your cybersightings.

ParaScope: A serious, comprehensive site dedicated to uncovering conspiracies, finding UFOs and explaining paranormal phenomenon.

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens: "The unabashed, uncensored, unbelievable truth about extraterrestrial life." Whatever.

UFO Folklore: Pictures and accounts of alien experiences from around this world.

Roswell Centre: Buy your own copy of the footage showing a real, live alien autopsy!

The Official X-Files: Mostly a promo for Fox with snazzy pictures and a complete episode guide.

The Netpicker's Guide to the X-Files: For a show as carefully planned as this, you'd think there would be fewer inconsistencies and slip-ups!

X Files Terminal: Gorgeous, graphics-intensive site with plenty of sound and video clips and other eye candy

X-Files Resources for X-Philes: Over 200 links!

The Skeptical Inquirer: Tired of wild rides into the ether? Step back onto solid ground and mainstream science with the skeptics.

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