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5 Places to Love

Great Burger Joints

HAMBURGERS are great anytime of year but are especially good in the summer. If you're not going to grill your own, here are five top spots.

Alexander's Steakhouse: While upscale Alexander's hardly qualifies as a burger joint, their $20 Kobe beef burger is the Rolls Royce of local burgers. Topped with truffled cheese, it's an extravagant but wonderfully flavorful burger. 10330 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino. 408.446.2222.

Good Fellas Bar and Grill: Located in downtown San Jose's San Pedro Square, this bar and grill is a great place for a burger and a beer. 69 N. San Pedro St., San Jose. 408.287.6969.

Happy Hound: A good fast-food burger with a local feel. Don't miss the fries. 15899 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos. 408.358.2444.

Kirk's Steakburgers: This locally owned restaurant has grown into several locations to become one of Silicon Valley's most beloved burgers. Great milkshakes, too. 361 California Ave., Palo Alto, 650.326.6159; 75/76 Town & Country Village, Palo Alto, 650.326.6159; 2388 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, 408.371.3565; 1330 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose, 408.446.2988.

Taxi's: Palo Alto's best burger? You decide. 403 University Ave., Palo Alto. 650.322.8294.

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From the August 3-9, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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