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The Tracks of Our Fears

Some Internet sites combat rather than spew racism

By Curt Guyette

ALTHOUGH THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS on the Internet appear to have their watchdogs outnumbered by at least 10-1 in terms of Web pages, there are nonetheless some strong, effective sites dedicated to combating hatemongers. A few of the top sites are:

CyberWatch: A project of LA's Simon Wiesenthal Center, this group monitors the activities of on-line hate groups.

Nizkor: Canadian-based Jewish group, the Nizkor Project is a collage of Web pages that keeps track of racists and Holocaust revisionists in the USA and the Great White North.

Hate Page of the Week: An individual effort, the page provides a synopsis and critiques of various Web hate pages.

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From the August 8-14, 1996 issue of Metro

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