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[whitespace] Stop, Drop and Rock 3

Held at the Gaslighter Theater
400 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell
All-ages; $8 per night/$21 festival pass
Shows start at 7pm
(Visit www.letsgorecords.com for updates)

Thursday, Aug. 15
Mates of State
Track Star
The Specs
Robert and Karen

Friday, Aug. 16
Slow Gherkin (CD-release)
The Huxtables
The Muckruckers

Saturday, Aug. 17
Mr. T Experience
Stunt Monkey
My New Life (CD-release)
Shut Up Donny
The Extras

Sunday, Aug. 18
Groovie Ghoulies
The Plus Ones
The Phenomenauts
Short Round
Rage Against the Robots

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From the August 15-21, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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