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Bay Area bands line up to rock the X Games in San Francisco

By Sarah Quelland

THE EXPN 2000 X Games run Aug. 17-22. The main event of this extreme-sports extravaganza happens at Piers 30/32 in San Francisco with auxiliary events taking place in outlying areas. A schedule is available on the X Games website. Thursday's kickoff bash (Aug. 17, noon-2pm) will be hosted by Andy Dick, and No Doubt will perform. Bay Area bands have also been tapped to play, including Los Bastardos de Amor on Friday (Aug. 18) and Sunday (Aug. 20), Swarm on Saturday (Aug. 19), Sift on Sunday (Aug. 20) and ManMade God on Tuesday (Aug. 22). Los Bastardos de Amor also have a show coming up Aug. 26 at the Quarter Note, with Total Eclipse, Slum Goddess and Neverland; Sift plays the Cactus Club on Aug. 25 with Luxt, Stitch, Local ODdity and Down2None.

The days of the underground metal showcases may be numbered at the Quarter Note. The club plans to stop hosting metal bands in early September, and there's only one metal show remaining on its August schedule. Power-Slave.com presents Machine, Dilemma, Inhalent and Distilled Spirits Saturday (Aug. 19). If enough people turn out to support these showcases, maybe the club will reconsider. The final show is set for Sept. 9 with Inhalent, Native Tongue, Nuisance and Strychnine.

Last month, Rage Against the Machine canceled its dates at the Fillmore (where it planned to record its first live album) after the Rhyme & Reason tour with the Beastie Boys was postponed. The new dates are Aug. 21-22, and the live album is scheduled to be released in November on Epic Records. Listen to LIVE 105 for details on how to score tickets.

Papa Roach, the now double-platinum-selling four-piece--whose name graces the cover of the current issue of Rolling Stone--will be headlining its own tour with (hed)PE--now called (hed)Planet Earth--and Taproot supporting. That tour kicks off Aug. 22 and runs thru September. There are no local stops planned. The band has completed the video for "Broken Home," and it's scheduled to air on one of two dates: Sept. 6 on MTV's Total Request Live or Sept. 7 on MTV before the MTV Music Awards. P-Roach is up against Christina Aguilera, Macy Gray, Pink and Sisqo for the Best New Artist In a Video award. There is also talk that a Limp Bizkit/Eminem/Papa Roach/Xzibit tour will storm into the San Jose Arena in November. P-Roach also has a date on David Letterman on Aug. 28.

Marilyn Manson is using his website (www.marilynmanson.net) to post weekly updates on his new album, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), which is scheduled to be released Oct. 24 on Nothing/Interscope Records. The first gift to his fans was a preview of the new track "The Love Song." Said to thematically tie together Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, this latest opus harks back to Manson's older material, circa Portrait of an American Family, and finds him making connections between Christ and Kennedy and religion and violence.

Ultravibe.com is holding free video showcases at the Cactus Club every Wednesday at 6pm to be recorded and broadcast on the internet from www.ultravibe.com. Upcoming shows include Down2None and Ancient Astronaut (Aug. 23) and Sloe and Ellis (Aug. 30). Bands interested in participating should email [email protected] or call 877.HEY.WHAT. ... It looks like True to Form has reached the end of the road. After multiple changes in its lineup, the band officially broke up last week.

PLAN AHEAD: Peeled Back and others, Aug. 17 at Gaslighter's Music Hall; M.I.R.V., Floppy Rods and others, Aug. 18 at the Cactus; Stunt Monkey, Aug. 18 at the Paradise Lounge; Col. Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Aug. 19 at the Fillmore and Aug. 28 at Palookaville in Santa Cruz; Boy Kicks Girl, Aug. 20 at the Cactus; KRS-One, Aug. 21 at Palookaville; the Who, Aug. 21 at Shoreline Amphitheatre; Lonely Kings, Aug. 25 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz; OzzFest 2000, Aug. 26 at Shoreline; Brickhead, Aug. 27 at the Quarter Note; Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and Maceo Parker, Aug. 30 at the SJSU Event Center; Monkey, Sept. 1 at the Cactus; King's X, Sept. 1 at the Usual; Cannibal Corpse, Sept. 2 at the Cactus; Man or Astroman?, Sept. 15 at the Cactus; Alice Cooper, Sept. 15 at the Warfield; Moby, Sept. 16 at the Warfield; AC/DC and Slash's Snakepit, Sept. 19 at the San Jose Arena and Sept. 20 at the Oakland Coliseum; Pearl Jam and Supergrass, Oct. 31 at Shoreline; Tina Turner and Joe Cocker, Nov. 16 at the San Jose Arena.

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From the August 17-23, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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