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Lolla on Film

Lollapalooza '97 lurched back into its rightful spot as the alternative rock festival to be reckoned with. Following are some photo highlights, taken by George Sakkestad. To see a larger, high-quality version of the photo, click on the photo on this page. The approximate file size of the larger photos is noted in parentheses.

Tool's Maynard James Keenan, a student of Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu, wowed the crowd with his impeccable sense of balance. (33k)

James' Tim Booth slaps five to a lucky Shoreline fan. Booth spent half the set testing the reach of the cordless microphone, serenading concert goers and providing an early Lollapalooza highlight. (50k)

Tricky, the trip-hop kid from Bristol, in a moment frozen. His head wobbled and waved as if watching a tennis match on fast forward. Read about Tricky's January show at Club Townsend. (50k)

Marley Bros.
Damian Marley, pictured here, and brother Julian performed spot-on renditions of his father's classic repertoire. (33k)

The sideshow attractions featured dancers performing interactive renditions of Tori Amos songs. (66k)

The same sideshow artist learns that her car was towed from the backstage area. (50k)

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