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Robert Schimmel.

Metro's Club of the Week

The Improv
62 S. Second St., San Jose; 408.280.7475; www.improv.com

By Todd Inoue

Hours: Thu 8pm; Fri 8 and 10pm; Sat 7 and 9pm; Sun 7pm
Ambience: Renovated theater, all upscale and gussied up
Amenities: Big-time headline comedy, dinner menu with priority seating

THE IMPROV has exceeded all expectations, performing to sellout crowds--and for good reason. It's a beautiful space with great sight lines, and it is always stocked with A-list talent. It also came to Silicon Valley when people needed comic relief from the economic downturn and the war.

I've been a bunch of times and have a couple of observations. It seems that every comedian who has stepped on the Improv stage has made a joke about the light rail tracks across the street and the low-flying airplanes that shoot overhead. I do wish the Improv would get rid of that obnoxious "don't be obnoxious" audience etiquette video that precedes every show. And I actually prefer the upstairs seating over the downstairs. It's a couple bucks cheaper; nobody's head gets in the way; you can pretty much sit wherever you want; and service is always brisk.

September and October are shaping up to be one of those great booking runs for the San Jose comedy club. Look for upcoming appearances by Jay Mohr, Richard Lewis, Jake Johannsen, Robert Schimmel and Bobby Slayton--all supreme talents.

Aug 28-31: Paul Rodriguez
Sep 10: Don McMillan
Sep 11-14: Jay Mohr
Sep 18-21: Richard Lewis
Sep 25-28: Jake Johannsen
Oct 2-5: Robert Schimmel
Oct 9-12: Bobby Slayton
Oct 16-19: Gabriel Iglesias

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From the August 28-September 3, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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