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Metro's Fall Fashion 2003

In this fall fashion issue, Metro consorts with the power brokers to put the looks together. Whether your style takes its cues from punk or from preppy, the images from our first annual Santana Row fashion show will power you from the boardroom to the boardwalk.

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Photograph by Dina Scoppettone

Betsy and Ember do the power walk in clothes from Oilily. On Betsy, a deep V cardigan with plaid sleeves, winter bouquet Lycra T-shirt, and cotton cargo pants. On Ember, frosted garden cardigan, winter bouquet Lycra T-shirt, and Curious Collection patch skirt with velvet and corduroy panels.

Photograph by Dina Scoppettone

On Deny, a blanket sleeve jean jacket with fur collar and crocheted appliques, Cellie Jellie Lycra tee, and velvet triple ruffle pants; on Janine, long-sleeve hidden button poplin skirt, solid Lycra t-shirt, floral cord skirt with denim triple ruffle hem.

Photograph by Dina Scoppettone

On Leann, corduroy blouse with ruffle cuff, Lycra tee with ruffle cuff, and Eskimo flower skirt.

Photograph by Miss Liz

Shayne knows your pain, but looks too good to cry for you, in 4You's soft-shoulder pinstripe suit and striped dress shirt with fitted wide collar.

Photograph by Miss Liz

Ashley, in De Cre's Italian boucle coat.

Photograph by Miss Liz

Mod meets minimalist: Wool shift dress at Elisa B.

Photograph by Miss Liz

Chad warms up in a Ted Baker six sweater with calfskin suede patches, paired with Funseas jeans.

Photograph by Miss Liz

Crinkle fitted dragon print shirt, three-button knee-length leather coat, both from 4You's Scandinavian line. Glasses from Optical Illusion.


De Cre
355 Santana Row, #1040, San Jose, CA; 408.244.3145

De Cre's hip and modern high-end clothing is designed and manufactured by Leona Guidance. From evening gowns to clubwear to workwear, unique detailing and fabrics.

Donald J. Pliner
377 Santana Row, #1025, San Jose, CA; 408.260.2500

The first (and last) name in footwear and accessories, a piece by Donald Pliner elevates your look to the next level, adding a touch of luxury to a work, dress or casual look.

Elisa B.
356 Santana Row, #1005, San Jose, CA; 408.241.3611

Elisa B. brings new meaning to the phrase "designer boutique," packed with carefully curated items from coveted designers such as Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Juicy Couture, and Nanette Lepore.

4 You Men
355 Santana Row, #1020, San Jose, CA; 408.557.0430

Since the 1970s, 4You clothing has spelled out cutting edge fashion for European men and women; now, the well-tailored line finds a welcome home stateside.

Kase Cosmetics
377 Santana Row, #1075, San Jose, CA; 408.985.1685

Kase's cosmetics experts custom blend foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, concealer and more to fit each customer's individual skin tone and style.

356 Santana Row, #1020, San Jose, CA; 408.213.1761

Stepping into an Oilily shop is like stepping into a psychedelic dance party of color and form. The Dutch design line has been dressing children and women worldwide since 1963.

Optical Illusions
378 Santana Row, #1025, San Jose, CA; 408.261.1010

Focus in on exactly the right eyeglasses or sunglasses at Optical Illusions, where a knowledgeable staff can help blend fashion with technical detail.

333 Santana Row, #1010, San Jose, CA; 408.557.0320

If you want to see the Italian hand-made shoes that inspire Manolo Blahnik, step out to Shoez. Shoes from designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Giuseppe Zanotti line the shelves like artwork.

355 Santana Row, #1000, San Jose, CA; 408.244.8463

Tourneau, the world's largest watch store (really--The Guinness Book of World Records says so), boasts over 100 famous brands and more than 8,000 styles of watches.

334 Santana Row, #1070, San Jose, CA; 408.244.6338

High-fashion designers for men and women find a home at Trend--including Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Style Lab, Versace and more. Trend's image consultants will take care of the details.

W's Salon
377 Santana Row, #1070, San Jose, CA; 408.247.8953

Santana Row's full-service salon glows like a modern oasis. Its frosted glass dividers and metallic blue ceiling were designed by owner William Soriano, and are emblematic of the salon's sophisticated style overall. Whether it's an edgy or classic haircut, W is where it's at.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  • Julia Chan & Elissa Turetzky @ Trend
  • Raye Walsh, Jana Garner & Betsy Conway @ Elisa B.
  • Melanie Demers & Wandah Mitchell @ Oilily
  • Jackie Kim-Callo & Fenton Allen @ Optical Illusions
  • Michael Feldman & Claire Johnston @ Ted Baker London
  • Ivan Arrivas, Marc Scheurer & Hen Nguyen @ Tourneau
  • William Soriano, Andre Soriano, Dara Ung, Vasana Bradley, Aaron Choe, Mary Lynn Mooreshouse @ W's Salon
  • Kathy Obot, Kristy Fernandez, Nicole Granard, Todd Campbell @ Kase Cosmetics
  • James Nguyen & Andre Lismonde @ Donald Pliner Shoes
  • Leona Guidace & Misty Rangel @ De Cre
  • John Cooper & Sanna Davenport @ 4 You Men
  • Billur Wallerich, Collette Serpa, & the security and maintenance team @ Santana Row
  • Pamela Williams, Darion Bonett, Alyssa Carter, Laura Choma, Lauren Crawford, Lauren Denevi, Sara Denham, Karina Guerra, Mari Jane Herrera, Vanessa Lavarato, Shaye Marr, Sunday Morgan, Maria Hoskins, Morgane Naveau, Robyn Nazario, Jon Nelson, Candace Pleasant, Sherine Rahuni, Suzanne Ritchie, Ashley Walters, Felice Wang, Chad Winingham @ John Robert Powers
  • Brad & the killer staff @ Blowfish Sushi
  • Jeff Gardner aka DJ El Jefe ... for the fashionably phat beats
  • Bob Croft & Robert Frost @ Frontline Sound and Lighting
  • Jeff Blaskower & Brett Murid @ Spekt Media Design | Print
  • Fil Maresca @ Filco.Events
  • Glayden 'Andyman' Clark
  • Blage Zelalich & Nicole Mueller @ SJDA
  • John Demorest @ Event Architects
  • Wil Jones @ Kinko's
  • Holly Williams, Jim Carrico & Jorge Lopez, Ramsey Tarazzi, Kevin Cole, Suzanne Alexander & Robert Whitaker ... mucho thanks for all the last minute help!
  • John Bowerman ... for making the show extra fabulous!

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From the August 28-September 3, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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