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August 29-September 4, 1996

Literary Quarterly
Bierce's Arrows: Ambrose Bierce, the original American cynic, knew how to make enemies of the rich and greedy--a lesson modern journalists are in danger of forgetting.

Escape Velocity: Mark Dery brings readers up to speed on the future.

Sahara Unveiled: The Sahara sands beckon intrepid traveler William Langewiesche on a journey of discovery.

The Forgotten Pollinators: Reproductive science is sexy stuff in the words of two dedicated naturalists.

Gods and Generals: Jeff Shaara's prequel falls short of father Michael Shaara's Killer Angels.

Bucking the Sun: Ivan Doig returns to his favorite state of mind.

Deep Waters: The condoms are free at San Jose's gay bathhouse, the ambience open and friendly. But is the sex really safe?

Public Eye: Saratoga secretly bids to purchase the Mountain Winery.

Polis Report: Sistas are doin' it for themselves.

Arts & Entertainment
Mariachi Matters: Musical great José Hernández leads a parade of food, culture, and arts at this weekend's Feria Mexicana.

Girlz to Women: Lili Taylor and pals strike a blow for hassled teenagers in Jim McKay's film Girls Town Also, Metroactive interviews non-Hollywood ingenue Lili Taylor.

Reinventing Reality: Synthetic Pleasures explores the virtual future.

Information Supa Highway: Spearhead's Michael Franti believes that there is a world-wide collective consciousness of people of color.

Britpop Powered: Squeeze makes a Ridiculous new album and rereleases its strangest hits.

Lifting up Robyn's Crusty Carapace: Robyn Hitchcock reveals a soft, heartfelt side on Moss Elixir.

Singing Like Solomon: The soulful elegance of vocalist Cassandra Wilson.

Trip-Hop for Tots: Howie B. rocks for babies.

Beat Street: Inka Inka calls it quits after seven years.

Fishing for Sousa: Riches of the sea dominate Portuguese cuisine, and chef Leonel Sousa has amassed a treasure chest worthy of King Neptune at Sousa's Restaurant.

Bargain Bites: World Wrapps takes the burrito concept and raises it to veggie-packed heights.

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