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Forging Ahead

Alejandro Escovedo
From Confessional to Confrontational: Texas rocker Alejandro Escovedo refuses to be bound by a single style.

Ignoring head-bouncing microphones, Alejandro Escovedo always comes back for an encore

By Nicky Baxter

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO'S last appearance in this area was memorable in more ways than one. For one thing, the Texas rocker's performance was riveting. Regulation rock instrumentation -- guitars/bass/drums -- was fleshed out by the addition of two violins, a viola and some Afri-Latin percussion, and Escovedo's unique style of rock veered from the quiet confessionalism associated with Jackson Browne to frontal assaults that revealed the singer/guitarist's fondness for Iggy's strafing pop. San Jose's indie-rock cognoscenti, however, wasn't trying to hear what Escovedo had to say. The audience, much of which dissipated after the opening act, appeared to endure rather than enjoy the demi-legend's hour-plus set.

But Escovedo's posse did what it does best, whether performing for a gathering of 20 or 2,000--it ripped stiffs up. Okay, so no one stormed the stage to mosh; that didn't prevent one singularly soused party of four or five from busting some rather nouveau moves. They put on a floor show that was a real knock-out. Escovedo himself was nearly knocked out, literally, when one particularly frolicsome young thing sent the microphone tumbling full-speed in the vicinity of the musician's head. Despite the potential for bodily harm, Escovedo returned for an encore. Now that's class.

Alejandro Escovedo performs Monday (Sept. 9) at 10:15pm at the Agenda Lounge, 399 S. First St., San Jose. Admission is $5. (408/287-4087)

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From the September 5-11, 1996 issue of Metro

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