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Growth Opportunities

Your field of dreams is just a stamp or a page away

By Christina Waters

TO BEGIN COLLECTING and growing your own heirloom seeds, contact the following companies: Seed Savers Exchange--3076 N. Winn Road, Decorah, Iowa 52101; Seeds of Change--call 800/957-3337 for a free catalog; and Indian Harvest Specialty Foods--218/751-8500, [email protected].

To learn more about the bio-diversity crisis, pick up copies of the following books:

Seeds of Change: The Living Treasure: Authored by Kenny Ausubel (Harper, San Francisco, 1994), this seminal tract is easily the most exciting, accessible book on sustainable agriculture.

Rain Forest in Your Kitchen: Penned by Martin Teitel (Island Press, 1992), the book provides a short, hard-hitting guide to eco-savvy lifestyles.

Enduring Seeds: Elegantly written by brilliant ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan (North Point Press, 1989), this explanation of why plants diversified also explains how to heal the rift between human culture and the botanical wild.

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From the September 5-11, 1996 issue of Metro

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