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Noon-1pm: Stunt Monkey plays San Jose State University's student union. Admission: Free.

8pm-12:30am: Metro's SFMX6, a multiclub benefit for local charities, features 12 bands at four South First Street clubs: Agenda, the Usual, Cactus Club and Polly Esther's. Admission: $10 SFMX6 ticket or weekend pass or VIP pass.


5-7:30pm: Schmooz-A-Palooza Party at d.p. Fong Gallery, 383 S. First St. A get-to-know-you mixer for event sponsors, industry panelists and VIP ticket holders. Admission: VIP Passes only.


Noon-5pm: Music/Internet Trade Expo at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, 451 S. First St. Admission: Free.

11am-5pm: Conferences and panel discussions will be held at d.p Fong Gallery and Camera One, 366 S. First St. Admission: $10 expo ticket or Weekend Pass or VIP Pass.

Conference Lineup

11am at Camera One "Metallica is Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich ... but do they have a point?" A discussion of the online sale and distribution of music.

1pm at d.p. Fong "Mouse Trap," a discussion of e-commerce and the virtual marketplace as it relates to music marketing and distribution.

2:30pm at d.p. Fong "I Spent $4,000 at Fry's and All I Got Was This Lousy Demo," an overview of the technology available over the Internet to make and listen to music

4pm at d.p. Fong "Strike Up the Bandwidth," a workshop on marketing, production and distribution that offers tips for bands on how to get seen and heard.

Noon-8pm: ULTRAViBE.com's hip-hop expo at Club 369, 369 S. First St. Admission: Free.

11:30am-12:15pm: Oblivious

12:15-12:30pm: Totem Pole Tactics

12:35-12:50pm: Broken Zoo

12:55-1:10pm: Anonymous

1:10-1:35pm: DJ Pilate

1:35-2:05pm: LSP

2:15-2:30pm: T Dog

2:35-3:05pm: Doobie Motions

3:10-3:25pm: Suburbanites

3:25-3:55pm: DJs Fresh and Remedy

3:55-4:10pm: Dharma

4:15-4:30pm: The Craftsmen

4:35-4:50pm: New Moon

4:50-5:30pm: DJ Special K

5:30-6:10pm: TriPlex

6:15-6:35pm: 3rd Sight

6:35-6:55pm: DJs Da Hermit and Worldwise

6:55-7:25pm: Major Liegue

7:35-8:00pm: Encore

8pm: ULTRAViBE.com's Pre-SoFA Party at Cactus Club


11am-7pm: SoFA Street Festival

South First Street between San Carlos and Reed Streets, San Jose. Admission: $7 festival ticket ($5 adv) or Weekend Pass or VIP Pass.

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