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Online information about Nolan Bushnell and his past ventures

Compiled by Dan Pulcrano

Dawn of the Atari Age: A history of video games, with timeline.

The Atari Timeline: A collective history of Atari Inc., Atari Corp., and Atari Games, compiled by Robert Jung.

Atari: Did you hear anyone say goodbye? A retrospective by former employee Don Thomas.

In Defense of Nolan: Glenn Saunders defends Bushnell as a true leader and visionary in this 1997 essay.

Chuck E. Cheese's Fun-Net: The official website of the Pizza Time Theaters.

Lessons Learned in a Rat Suit: Former Chuck E. Cheese employee Chris Casey shares the insight he gained as a restaurant mascot.

The History of Androbot: The rise and fall of Nolan Bushnell's robotics company, by Rick Rowland.

Merrill Lynch: The company's official website.

Merrill Lynch International Private Finance Limited: Information on loans exceeding $1 million.

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