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Best of San Jose

Rosicrucian Museum
Stalk Options: The valley remains a fertile breeding ground for gardens as well as ideas, evidenced in this sky-pointing patch on the Rosicrucian Museum grounds.

THOUGH PEOPLE NO LONGER flock here to view the orchards and wildflowers in full bloom, San Jose has evolved into a new kind of mecca -- as a progressive, culturally diverse and highly rated place to live and work. The adolescent sprawl of the 1960s has given way to established neighborhoods, revitalized commercial areas and civic services such as curbside recycling and light rail transportation. With one of the country's highest median income levels and a low crime rate, San Jose is settling into a stable spot on lists as one of the nation's most livable urban zones. Northern California's largest city is home to such high-tech giants as Adobe and Cisco, professional sports teams, highly regarded arts organizations and museums and, of course, Smash Mouth, the most popular band to hail from these parts since the Doobie Brothers.

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From the Sept. 18-24, 1997 issue of Metro.

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