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[whitespace] SoFA Scene

Photographs by George Sakkestad


The Rite Stuff: A happy couple is caught dancing in the street while honky-tonk Western swingers Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys boogie on the San Carlos Stage at this year's SoFA Street Fair.

Drinking Beer

Hooked Up: Insolence vocalist Billy "Mech 1" Rosenthal (pictured right) can't wait to cool down with a Red Hook after the band's intense performance on the ULTRAViBE.com Stage.

Break Dancers

Check Your Head: Curious bystanders look pained by this break dancer's inverted display.

Break Dancer

Lift Off: This break dancer sends his feet into orbit.

Venus Bleeding

Venus Bleeding plays at The Usual.


M.I.R.V. performs at the Cactus Club.


Swarm performs at The Usual.

Venus Bleeding

Venus Bleeding appears at The Usual.


Swarm plays at The Usual.

Face Paint
Photograph by Gregg Catanese

Megan (r) and Nicole (l) got into the tribal spirit.

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