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Club Life

87 N. San Pedro St, San Jose; 408.287.DEEP; www.deepsj.com

By Todd Inoue

Amenities: Three lounges, VIP room, plasma TVs, patio. Opens Oct. 2

THE BUILDING at the corner of St. John and North San Pedro has endured a number of incarnations—Club St. John, Hamburger Mary's, Club Ecco and, until recently, Blue Tattoo. Now a new night spot, Deep, has put down stakes. General manager Donovan Nguyen has experience in club promoting—throwing successful parties at Bay Area clubs like Whisper, Sound Factory, Rouge, Ruby Skye and Club Glo. His goal is to turn the building at St. John and North San Pedro into a winner.

Previous owners, Nguyen says, didn't think long-term. "They redid it a little; then clubgoers lost interest." With Deep, Nguyen aims to bring the total club atmosphere. Deep installed saltwater aquariums, projection screens, plasma TVs, a new Adamson Pro Audio system and a kitchen serving upscale seafood a la Crustacean. The club has three separate dance areas and a 500-capacity patio area. "That's where I feel the party goes," he says. "People want freedom on the outside. They dance and sweat, and they have a place they can escape to and chill out and talk to each other."

DJs will spin Top 40 and hip-hop on Thursdays. On Friday, three rooms will blast hip-hop, '80s and house. Saturdays is dedicated to Latin house and salsa with the smaller lounges for hip-hop and Top 40. The patio will be key to scribbling phone numbers and kicking game as the Adamson sound system is top of the line. "We have the best sound system in the South Bay," he brags. The system will get a workout this Saturday as the club opens its doors with a party featuring a performance by Sunday Scoundrels.

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From the September 29-October 5, 2004 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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