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City Officials

Slow Catch-up

In the 22 months he's occupied the County Executive's office, Richard Wittenberg has hired three department heads--one Latina, one Latino and one white female--in positions previously held by white males. Still, the county isn't keeping up with San Jose in terms of diversifying its workforce. Only 15 percent of the 20 highest-paid executives in the county are either women or people of color. Since the county has more than twice the number of employees as San Jose, Metro considered 20 executives in its evaluation.

Name Position Annual Salary
Regina Williams City Manager $158,194
Joan Gallo City Attorney $146,684
Louis A. Cobarruviaz Police Chief $136,594
Ralph Tonseth Director of Aviation $129,178
Gary Schoennauer Director of Plan'g, Bldg & Code Enf $128,918
Debra Figone Assistant City Manager $126, 443
Ralph Qualls Director of Public Works $125,778
Darrell Dearborn Deputy City Manager $125,133
Lou Garcia Director of Environmental Services $123,219
Gerald Silva City Auditor $121,573

Source: City of San Jose Human Resources Department

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From the October 3-9, 1996 issue of Metro

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