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County Aides

County Fair

Among their own staff, Santa Clara County Supervisors have clearly made a commitment to diversity. Half of the county's 10 highest-paid supervisoral aides are women; four are people of color. But that philosophy doesn't appear to have percolated through the county administration, which remains largely homogeneous.

Office Name Annual Salary
Mike Honda Keith Honda $78,390
Ron Gonzales Jude Barry $72,748
Dianne McKenna Eleanor Pett $61,992
Blanca Alvarado Sylvia Gallegos $61,204
Ron Gonzales David Ginsborg $60,000
Mike Honda Cathryn Hyde $58,161
Jim Beall Jr. Michele Olson $58,006
Dianne McKenna John Gibbs $58,006
Ron Gonzales Ashurbel Pirayou $52,500
Dianne McKenna Katherine Boennighausen $52,000

Source: Santa Clara County Employee Services Agency Personnel & Training.

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From the October 3-9, 1996 issue of Metro

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