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County's Top 20

Progress Report

Compared to a survey conducted by Metro five years ago, San Jose has made substantive gains in terms of diversifying its upper management--with the notable exception of the Redevelopment Agency. San Jose's highest-paid bureaucrats tend to reflect the composition of the city. Three of San Jose's ten top-paid public officials are women, four are people of color.

Name Position Annual Salary
Ira Lubell, M.D. Medical Director $157,431
Richard Wittenberg County Executive $155,091
Robert Sillen Valley Med Center Executive Director $152,029
Bill Parsons Finance Agency Director $140,369
Soleng Tom, M.D. Mental Health Medical Director $138,975
George Newell Deputy County Executive $136,232
George Kennedy District Attorney $132,217
Steven Woodside County Counsel $132,217
Jose Villarreal Public Defender $128,324
Norwood Nedom Chief Assistant Public Defender $126,739
Ann Ravel Chief Assistant County Counsel $126,422
Paula Kuty Chief Assistant District Attorney $123,931
John Cavallli Chief Probation Offr. & Chief Corr Offr. $123,602
Angelo Ozoa Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner $118,498
Steve Love Court Exec./County Clerk $118,498
Tome Fahrenholz Assistant District Attorney $117,322
Kyle McKinsey Dir. of Gen'l Services $116,160
Grant Armstrong Assistant Public Defender $115,296
Ron Norman Assistant Public Defender $114,437
Susan Levenberg Chief Deputy County Counsel $113,023

Source: Santa Clara County Employee Services Agency Personnel & Training.

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From the October 3-9, 1996 issue of Metro

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